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We are making many changes to our product line sections, and we are adding many new items in the automotive sections. So, check with the respective sections regularly for the announcements and details of the new offerings.


December 12, 2007, we introduced the front license plate holder for multiple Ferrari models. The unit uses the tow hook threads, and nothing touches the body. We have the same for the 348 Ferrari and the 355 Ferrari as well as for Maserati vehicles. For $49.50 they are a steal! Ferrari front plate holder

July 16, 2009, we added the "Related Links" section. It lists those persons or businesses we feel would be invaluable to others. Related Links

On July 17, 2009, we added the "Rare Artwork For Sale" section which features very unusual automotive artwork. Ferrari Artwork

July, 2014, we introduced our Flex-Mount™ front plate holder mount assembly in the Alfa Romeo Front Plate Holder section Alfa Romeo Plate Holders

May, 2015, we introduced our Drop-Mount™ front plate holder mount assembly in the Porsche Front Plate Holder section Porsche Plate Holders and in the Maserati Front Plate Holder Section Maserati Plate Holders

Changes To the Ferrari Tachometer Dial Replacement Program:

As of July 2, 2009, we announced considerable updates to our Ferrari replacement tachometer dial program which now includes the 430 Ferrari and the newest Scuderia tachometer dials for the 360 Ferrari. Ferrari Dial Faces

As of February 23, 2009, we now offer replacement 7.2 V NiCad batteries for the 355, 360, 430, 550, 575, and 612 Ferrari series alarm modules that enable an external battery connection. We also have the procedure available to upgrade and to setup the external battery connection to the alarm module. Ferrari Parts


The Audio Specials page is updated with great specials as they become available.

As of July 14, 2009, we have added a downloadable .pdf of additional audio specials and closeouts. We have considerable items at closout prices we want to move out. Please refer to that regularly. Additional Special Sale Audio Items


August 1, 2011, we introduced a line of reel to reel and cassette drive belts, a line of hard to find rubber idler tires for cassette players, an assortment of 10" reel to reel cardboard storage boxes, and a listing of available Tascam service manuals and Tascam owners manuals. Tape Reel Belts

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