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In our home theater division we represent very high quality, well-established products from the following manufacturers with whom we have established a direct dealer relationship:
BagEnd Exceptional and Very Accurate Sub-woofers
Bell'O Artistic Furniture of Glass and Metal
InFocus Industry Standard High Definition Home Theater Projectors
Lumagen Exceptional High Resolution Video Scalers
Very High Grade Receivers & Components
Niles Audio Level Controls, Plasma Proof Infra Red Systems
Premier Seating Best Quality Leather Home Theater Seating
Renaissance Audio
Very High End Home Audio Loudspeakers
Samsung Hi-Definition Digital TV's & LED Displays
Stewart Screens Professional Quality Home Theater Projection Screens
Universal Remotes The Best And Most Reliable Programmable Remotes
Vampire Wire Complete Line of High Value Interconnects & Cables

We do offer audio/video products in addition to those above-listed, so please check with us for all your requirements.

Trade names mentioned are the property of the respective manufacturers.

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